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Su: 2. Süreç/Water 2nd Process, 2019

Kişisel Sergi/Solo Exhibition - Siyah Beyaz Galeri, Ankara

Zaman, su gibi,

Su, zaman gibi.

Zapt etmeye çalışırım,

Akmaya devam eder.

Ne kadarını görürüm?

Ne kadarını bilirim?

Ne kadarına şahidim?

Bir ömür bile değil,

Her şey ben yüzümü çevirene kadar,

Bir an kadar...

"İnsan kendi haline bırakmaya gücünün yettiği şeylerin sayısı kadar özgürdür.” der Thoreau. Yani her şeyi zapt edebileceği yanılgısını bir kenara bırakıp içerisinde yaşadığı doğanın bir parçası olduğunu kabul etmekten korkmadığı zaman özgür insan. Bir ömür geçer yer yüzünde ama doğanın, kendi hayatının, zamanın her anına şahit olmanın imkanı yoktur. Yüzümüz nereye dönükse, o kadarını görürüz. Gördüklerimizden dikkat kesildiklerimizi biliriz ancak. “Su” ile yaratılan her bir yeni süreç ve doğanın sürecinden ödünç alınıp dahil edilen kesitler, kimin hangi anına şahit olacağı bilinemez, kimsenin tamamına şahit olamadığı,  başı belli, sonu tahmin edilemez bir ömür gibi. Zapt edilemeyen, özgür olan zaman gibi, yaşam gibi, ölüm gibi, sessizce gerçekleşen bir yıkım, değişimle gerçekleşen bir inşa gibi, suyun ta kendisi gibi...


Time, like water,

Water, like time,

No matter how I try to control it,

It keeps flowing.

How much I see it?

How much I know?

How much I witness?

Not even for a lifetime,

Just until I turn my face away,

Just for a moment...

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone” says Thoreau. Which means, human is free when she manages to leave the delusion that he can control everything and not afraid of accepting that she is a part of nature. Human spends a lifetime on earth, yet he is not able to witness every single moment of nature, her own life and time. Wherever he is facing, that much she sees. He knows only as much as she pays attention to. Each process that is created through “Water” and the sections that are barrowed from nature and included in the work are like a lifetime with unknown witnesses, that cannot be watched entirely from the beginning to the end and that has a clear beginning yet an unpredictable end. Just like time, which cannot be controlled and is free, like life, like death, like a silent destruction and a construction as a result of the change, like water itself...


Su: 1. Süreç / Water: 1st Process, Installation, Newark, DE, USA, 2018

Glass jars, acrylic box, metal wire, water, clay, several organic materials collected from nature.

Water is a depiction of made up planets that contain water with architectural, geometrical forms made of raw clay or organic materials, which are in a process of alteration in different durations. It navigates the viewer into an experience of the mindfulness of time through a visible transience, end as the beginning of eternity and the practice of being one with nature in solitude slowly washing away the human made habitat and material collections. 

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Galeri için Islak Zemin / Tile Floor for a Gallery, Interactive Installation, Newark, DE, USA 2017

Hand shaped, unfired white stoneware tiles ornamented with a design that has historical reference, were left on the ground for the audience to walk on.
This interactive, ephemeral installation reflects the urge to destroy the human made space, to move on, the urge to step on the earth as it is under the sky, to move out. 


Her Eve Bir Yürüyüş Yolu / A Walking Trail for Your Home, Interactive Installation, CerModern, Ankara, 2016
Yarn, spray paint.

Thanks to hand knitting, in the scope of the project A Walking Trail for Each Home, you will be able to enjoy the fluffy walking trails covered in red fur that you prefer to boring paths in the green woods, without leaving your homes now. Do not leave your homes often these days around here. Walk in a straight line, without eye contact.
The next project will bring asphalt into your home.
I am going to take a walk now.