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Bağ / Bind, Land Art, Antalya, Turkey, 2023
Metal, clay

Variable size

Tile_Floor_for_a_River2 copy.jpg

Nehir için Islak Zemin / Tile Floor For a River, Land Art Documentary Video, Newark, DE, USA, 2017
1920x1080 HD Video, 05'12"

Documentation video of installation of unfired tiles made out of clay from the river, disintegrating on the ground of the same river.

Panorama1 copy küçük.jpg

Orman Zemini / Forest Floor, Land Art Photo Series, Newark, DE, USA, 2017

Unfired tiles made out of clay from the river were installed on the forest floor which surrounds that same river. The disappearing process has been photographed and documented on the first day, the second week and the fourth week; until they eventually totally disintegrated and became one with that rich ground of nature which it originates from while the course of season is shifting to autumn.

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