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   If anything could stand still, it would be crushed and dissipated by the torrent it resisted, and if it were a mind, would be crazed; as insane persons are those who hold fast to one thought, and do not flow with the course of nature.

                                                                                                                                                                      Ralph Waldo Emerson



  In my works, I, as a person who was born and raised in a big, concrete city, explore the ways of abandoning the anthropocentric  environments and habits that we generate in today's world. This can be defined as an experimentation process of severing ties with institutions, modern constructions, collections of unneeded objects and getting rid of the need of possession and being belonged to places, to purify the self from distractions on the way to regain self-reliance, the abilities and instincts to live in tune and eventually one with nature, which is actually not far away but right under our feet, in the weather we breath, in the water we drink and in the core of objects that we touch.

     Although geometrical forms which recall urban architecture like clay bricks, columns, buildings and tiles are still visible in my works, I do not imprison them any more in those forms by firing them. Rather than turning them into permanent objects and making collections of them, I leave them back to where they come from, to let them continue with their natural cycle.

     I also create environments for my works in gallery spaces, where they can visibly move and change shape through the interaction of people, air, water... When the display time is over, I collect the leftovers and form them in new shapes to interact with new environments. In other words, I am interested in playing with the nature of clay and other materials I use like soil, water, metal and think of ways to adjust them to leave their solid forms and transform to be one with each other in a mutual nourishment.

     The notions of disappearing, dissolving, decay, change and transience in the works do not symbolise death; rather, they symbolise eternity as the way of cycle is kept clear. Therefore, each viewer has a different experience and moment with the artwork. I even cannot have the same experience twice myself, which also creates a mindfulness of time and the moment we are in. This is a process of slightly opening the doors for a step out from an anthropocentric world to set the soul free to feel and experience the nature by leaving the institutionalized information aside and regain the talent to be one with it in solitude. In other words, an ode to a utopia.


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